Istina o nemogućem
Artemida © 2019 Anton Celin


It is wisdom that reminds of something harsh and hard, and will not be easily explained here in relation to the mystical and intuitive. The mystic is what is beautiful, and is completely on the other side of reason and rational, which should represent wisdom.
But if rationalism and reason they exist outside the mystery of the spirit, and if present at all wisdom?
It is wisdom that releases in the most difficult situations, solve the most difficult tasks, but it is the mystical. The mystic will say that it is problematic wisdom, and it is impossible to solve most things within wisdom, like the wisdom of what is called wisdom. So will be the eternal conflict between them and stlno will be renewed.
The wisdom of the wise, but in philosophy - and spirit - not so easy to define wisdom, which means wisdom. The very philosophy that is the right philosophy and does not like wisdom (Plato, Nietzsche), and she would prefer to deal with over-wisdom. But how to prove it and how to achieve it? The very fact of divine action sometimes seems counter-wise, and even seems to be about all the craziness going on. The life I have often sought amazing acceleration that thought can not be traced. Napoleon or Alexander in key situations do not make decisions thinking - nor do they have time for it then - and it decides on the existence of the world: later and sets - and prophesying - time and time. In them the spirit of a "thought of the algorithm", which speaks. Their act has to look like bogoposlanički. They do not address the situation imposed on them the wisdom that can be codified in the world, but the spirit of stunts that are impossible to catch in time. So it becomes in their simplicity, and it is the soul of genius clear presence.
All this in a real metaphysical essence as a metaphysics that is and that is the right way only shows the "Code of mystical wisdom." I sometimes life requires - and often - MikTo-Revelation, in the moments when it happens most of life, and when life raises the "higher vigilance". The one who has ever clearly something in itself created - be it for the world or for all eternity - can not avoid it. We are always here for gods Appears to be gods and their understanding was in a position to create a general possibility.
Mystical algorithm is life, and life itself: proof of love for existence in communion with God, but it will make our own wisdom. The wisdom of the wise, and indeed wisdom sometimes in their domains can be wise. But there is something greater than the wisdom of the wise, and wisdom.
The wisdom of the world, and it always starts with the "code", and of the set - and superior to the world - so it will look for at least two sides to develop, moving, and I thought, was wisdom, and spoke. Mystical unification and dismissed in an instant all the (what is) and acts as a Publication. The mystic is always unquestionable presence.
Is there a mystical wisdom; and whether there is a wisdom that is wise, and that enters the mystical? What does that mean? Is wisdom then got out of the system of wisdom and become something else? Is there a hidden unifying over-wisdom? Why do people delight wisdom wrong?
Does the revelation we call wisdom; and whether the publication of an example for the whole wisdom or her dismissal, realization, her guidance? And here I want to immediately declare - and outline the truth - and to say: The most important fact of life is life itself in its intimacy, when nothing shouldnít talk, and when they speak the truth, the revelation of this life - if only intuitively it can begin. Intuition contains coverage - which is the most important - and all intelligence, all reason and in its wake. The most important decisions in life are made with great speed spirit - beyond thoughts - when i can not think, and when it is assumed that as a clear outreach. Then in that moment happens creation of the world - hidden - when it seems that the only man "in the world", and that he - as a man - now does its today's (working) day at a time.
For the publication of the above-wisdom which implies all the wisdom of all the worlds. That's why she's in the middle of the spirit, and his algorithm, in which a response can give the love of the divine, but also the realization: in which no theory of mind can not answer; not not be a single church - as the temple - the occult quickly and clearly set out, although the world all working to do so. The Post has all wisdom and all philosophers, and there are all the worlds and all the prophets. That's what I assumed already reached proof. The Post is also Betriče of Dante and Jesus of Mary - as is assumed to be the spirit happens - II in Nazi ifigenija of Artemis, by their hidden agreement. The announcement is the beginning of wisdom, but the end of wisdom. According to her the things of the world and - as less important than the spirit of Genesis in the presence of the first - and it is alive, and arranges life.
In all the world has to be something that is unwise, because it is a question of the world and svijetodrživosti - heaven and algorithmic unity - that is. After it later at a lower gradation occurs svagdanja sustainability presence.
(Appendix - "dialogue between the gods".)
The most important fact of life is life alone in his intimacy, like life, when nothing should speak, and the silence begins. The dialogue between the gods begins when there comes in stages "explosion intuitive", which is a "revelation" that can not be detected - in the world - but its seems. Intuitive knowledge is the only - and the knowledge that there is - when there is all the immediacy, and nothing else to be discovered. There is no other life except instinctively-intuitive responses to all, or that life is life. That happens the overall presence, and then there were all the answers. For true knowledge is not the knowledge that asking their questions, but the knowledge that asking for silence: answers that have already been answered, and that they live and want to live. Only two essential sides of the cosmos that you do, and understand, and ask the world, can come together to resolve. And here it is important to say the following, and that is "being stronger than whatness» and Betriće stronger than Virgil sages, who speculate, and I wanted to say something about it - think - but is perplexed. This perceived Dante and what does not deny, and how just talking.
Jin is stronger than understanding of yin and yang; and Yang is stronger in its achievement of understanding of yin and yang: because life is stronger than his assuming, as has already been revealed, and as the greatest asset that already reached. The intimacy of lives - among them, two, divided into once - a dialogue between the gods. In order to know the mystic law of mystery - where is all rationalism - must recognize this. It must be like living in Dante, which is clearly set.
The publication reveals her true when all resolved. She then "know myself" in that knowledge see that - that knowledge - otherwise impossible. She knows that in a system that makes this explosion gosh / stvarajućeg unification, when there is the possibility of all our speaking. The truth will stand just as true - that lives - and that can only offer a deposit bogojavljajuća intuitiveness.
If you then lose truth - when this duality must be connected - and if that happens, it will fail "dialogue between the gods", and will not be as important that happen. Then "the" essential act is not well executed, and the truth is, renaming, and "deceived": love is lost in the fact that there is no absolute knowledge of their potential, and everything becomes meaningless.
If you successfully create the explosion of the absolute, which is the world, and takes place and proves the system selected - particular.
The announcement of-wisdom, and it is such that in itself includes all the wisdom, and truth, as Betriče of Dante, or Jesus through Mary, as it was supposed to happen. The announcement is the beginning of wisdom, but the end of wisdom. That's why she's in the middle of the algorithm, in which the answer can only be the love of the divine, in which no church - a temple occult - can quickly and clearly answer. The Post is wisdom, and all philosophers and prophets. According to them, the things of the world, and in all the world has to be something that is wise: something heavenly and algorithmic and easily. After it later at a lower gradation occurs what is your daily wisdom.
This Code as a mystical wisdom and says that it never makes a mistake.
When teachers from the East came to pay tribute to what he says mystical, nobody fell out of the wise that they are actually done, and it's over.
Today, no one can remember it.
There is a mystical - and what is One, and not subject to, and is not visible - that is the basis of everything. There is a metaphysical which is more than physical, because it assumes all natural, it is - and can be - and it most and almost all of humanity can not be seen. In fact, it (almost) no one sees. There is a revelation that the first presence, or "meets" The beginning: that anyone who receives She wants more of anything else to say it straight.
Many will think that it is impossible real mystical wisdom. On the other hand, many will say that the (world's) real wisdom "frail" in the stage where a decision is made on the highest wisdom. In other words - and this follows from this - in the words of the wise is not possible to define what is over-wisdom.
As said before: This Code as mystical wisdom and something that is contradictory to its notion. For as wisdom and mystical connect and to stay both?
So the mystical one, and the wisdom of what is broken, and requires power sharing: the points to the intellect, analytics and word, which always breaks fact a mystery. Code again to what could be the recipe and recommendations, and it is in this case contradictory. It should be contained in the silence of the unspeakable, and the mystery of mysteries, but how? It's a different wisdom or wisdom in the cancellation of the natural wisdom.
Perfection is not a feature of the human race than the pursuit of perfect. And this is happening as the selected time, and time, which is formed by the thus extracted from the eternal.
And time is izobrani moment of eternity, and only full eternity beautiful and wise, and completely in the most important equated with love.
Ecstatic moment her presence is a testament to both sides, and (1) over-wisdom and (2) wisdom: first to reach the absolute wisdom, which all / wisdom, and second to get down in the world creates a global wisdom, which is the time in this particular area of ​​time.
The mystic is always imbued with beauty and looking for role models among the gods, and manifests itself in nature and art, and the nymphs and muses world. It is seeking an answer to questions that sometimes no one and did not make. The beauty is exceptional and it is the most important quest in parts. She constantly takes place in a fully maintain battle, hidden. Always her question in the world wrongly assumes, and is laid out as it looks like it is something in the world, and there is in the world, and that's going on.
The beauty is that which decorates the world, which is beyond mind for philosophy, which is really a philosophy.
Beauty is always the one who creates and opens worlds. So, do not respond properly to it.
Anyone that is responsible for the world, mysticism is there, and she was concerned, the phrase in the answer. And the mystic is not necessarily beauty, which is true, and since that is sometimes indistinguishable wisdom. The two sides are united and when it is not easy to explain in space and time.
Time has chosen a moment of eternity, and eternity is just beautiful and wise, and is completely the same with love. The most important one is completely equated with it.
It is not proven - because it is unprovable - that is the biggest crazy wisdom, but were told about it in a way that constantly talk about that, and will constantly speak. This is the wisdom which is the largest, and are no longer recognized in the system, "the science of wisdom," but it avoided all the pitfalls of logic, which is a maze in the world for the simple and immature consciousness and world wisdom. And this is always important in her butt, and it will be part of it, and its necessity.
This logic will always find their victims through space and time.
And now, on the right track madness as wisdom, we are talking about the presence of which is not your daily, but special: the one that assumes the existence of each, and all should stand in the grounds. Basically would all have to stand the wisdom of the Creator, which is the absolute wisdom, in its unspoiled clarity, rather than a concrete shape to this world, in particular the logic of space and time.
A man should always strive for existence, and that his daily existence it enhances, it exalts it, and be there, as will as his true inner neproturječnosti. His truth would have to be his day and now here in the mystery of realism, which is a mystery. And it can only in the beauty that is the path the spirit, and the relationship between the logic created between subject and object. It - like beauty - is displayed state is always possible, before the impossible, and sets the power struggle, the merger, which still has to be one, in mind and in the spirit of a time, so you